Kanye West Talks About His Fashion Line, Nike, Bape, Louis Vuitton and Not Taking A Versace Job Offer


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Last night Kanye West corrected some rumors with a series of tweets. He talks about his current fashion involvement and what we can expect from him in the coming months and years. One thing is for sure – he is excited and will make a lot of moves in this area.

First of all he mentions that his fashion line is called Kanye West and not DW by Kanye West. He also mentions that he is currently not represented by any agency for his fashion line. Also he says that there is no investors in his fashion line and that his first collection and show was all paid for by himself, with money that he made touring.

Kanye says that he has been offered to do urban clothing lines already 8 years ago and since then he is planning on doing something in the fashion world. Leave his mark. He talks about Bape turning down to produce his line and about shutting his first LA design office (which to our knowledge was for Pastelle at the time) after the MTV incident.

Afterwards he talks about interning at Fendi and being offered a position at Versace, which he could not take because of his working relationship with Louis Vuitton on sneakers. After 4 months at Fendi, Giuseppe Zanotti taught him to design women’s shoes already 2 years before starting the new fashion line. He goes and talks about designing a new Nike sneaker, the Yeezy, every 2 years.

Last he touches on his new design company, called DONDA, after his late mother. “DONDA will be comprised of over 22 divisions with a goal to make products and experiences that people want and can afford…”.

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